The “What if’s” that almost cost me my passion!

Work in the beauty industry? A MUST read!

What happens when our passion for our work and our dreams of motherhood collide? I was faced with this decision in 2009 after seven years of fulfilling career to stop it all because I did not feel ready financially. I had my mind right and my emotions ready and most of my money right. I was worried about the “What if’s…”

What if I need more time off?

Will my client’s wait?

Who will pay for any unforeseen medical expenses?

Who do I turn to for help?

The only solution at the time I knew of was to look for work with employee benefits. I applied at the bank because many people in my entourage told me “the bank offers great benefits and great hours!” Suddenly things started to feel right. When I gave my final good byes to my amazing boss, colleagues, and friends, they all told me “You are too talented to stay away, you will be back!” Our passions have a funny way of creeping back up on us, as if it was written in the stars!

In 2011 my first daughter was born! My life was almost perfect! I had some health issues that caused me to take an early leave, wow, don’t I seem smart for making that move. After working a few years and getting to learn the ropes, I was blessed once again with my second daughter. Once again I was on early leave; however, this time it felt different. I came to the chilling realization that all this would be impossible without the medical benefits I am currently enjoying.

Marc Anthony said it best “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Back at work I keep moving up the echelons of the bank working hard as I always have done. Conversely as I climbed the proverbial ladder, I felt more and more empty; the thing is I could not put my finger on it. The mornings were the worst. I remember feeling like “I lost my fire!” I wanted to go back but I felt ill prepared in the event of life throwing me one of her many curveballs. My heart needed a change, my family deserves the best of me! I need to find a solution to benefits problem!

Ask and the universe will provide! Seemingly by divine intervention, Michael Angiletta, a former high-school friend and former co-worker, called me one day out of the blue to offer me a job. As I work within the investment and insurance industry I now realized I never really had to leave my passion, there are specialized insurance solutions for Hair-dressers as well as others in the beauty industry. As I work in my salon “Belle& Boss” and along side Michael Angiletta, founder of Movative Financial Services, I have made it my new mission to inform the uninformed! I want to do my part to ensure those in my shoes can remain in their shoes, happy, and without the unknown and instability normally associated with our industry! Bye-Bye financial stress, hello opportunity!

If you are a hair dresser and want to open your own place or a current salon owner and do not know how to attract that top-notch stylist from your top competitor think about offering benefits! This can make your salon highly marketable as well as outweigh your competitors. Help your employees and they will help you more!

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